• A Highly trained TEAM from estimation to completion 

Our Team

First and foremost, Ideal is a Family. Everything starts with the right people. We are strategic, insightful, committed to improving results and passionately serve our customers. We focus on collaboration, being a positive influence on the construction industry, and encouraging our strong leadership.

This is us – at our best.

Executive Team

Harley Chorney


Harley captains operations, estimating, and client relations at Ideal. Harley is driving progress within Alberta’s Drywall Industry and maintaining Ideal’s reputation within the Construction Industry. He won the AWCA’s John Jager Award for Contributions to the Industry for 2016, and the Innovation Award in 2017. Harley serves as President of the Board of Directors for the Alberta Wall and Ceiling Association and is a member of the Provincial Apprenticeship Committee, representing Lather-Interior Systems Mechanics. As a Lean-Green Belt, Harley propagates positive change within Ideal, implementing new systems and working tirelessly on Business Development. Harley is constantly broadening Ideal’s capabilities through forging new relationships with trade partners and clients.

Dustin Duchcherer

Residential Manager

Dustin oversees our Residential Division, including Multi-Family projects and our Service Division. Dustin has worked for Ideal for over a decade, and originally got into drywall as a RAP student! As a Lean-Yellow Belt, he has taken residential construction down to a science, working to continuously improve our turn-over, quality, and over-all augment our contribution to residential projects. Dustin maintains highly successful relationships with our clients, and actively leads our extraordinary Residential Team.

Wayne Normandin

Paint Project Manager

Wayne has been a Project Manager and Paint Specialist with Ideal since day one, taking great care to progress with this constantly evolving industry. He prides himself on the strong relationships he has built over his long career with our Clients, Suppliers, the APCA, and our skilled Painter-Decorators. Wayne believes in the journey: in overseeing our Painting Division, he works collaboratively with our drywall finishers to ensure we deliver the highest quality final product. Wayne brings our walls to life. Wayne is a Lean-Yellow Belt.

Byron Elliott

Project Manager

Byron brings a fresh perspective as a Commercial Project Manager for Ideal; he has extensive experience through the Drywall Supply Chain, is a material expert and has worked as a Journeyman Electrician. With this diverse background, Byron has a unique and in-depth understanding of our scopes of work and beyond. Byron is a Lean-Green Belt, he is focused on mentorship, quality control, and improving our effectiveness on every job through communication and collaboration.

Sara Becker

Process Manager

Sara takes care of our people: through Human Resources, Apprenticeship & Training, and as support for our Supervisors, Managers and staff. She serves as Treasurer and Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Alberta Wall and Ceiling Association, and chairs the AWCA Education and Apprenticeship Committee. From material procurement to accounting and administration, she has a hand in all of our processes. Sara is our Apprenticeship and Training Facilitator, and is determined to increase apprenticeship and legitimacy for the Drywall and Painting Industries. As a Lean-Green Belt, Sara passionately governs the implementation of new systems at Ideal, and is a leader in change management.

Residential Team Leaders

Chris Schlodder, Multi-Family Supervisor
Mike Richards, Paint Supervisor
Allen Anhill, Taping Supervisor
Patrice Blouin, Drywall Supervisor

Commercial Team Leaders


Foremen (Left to Right, in Vests)

  • Aubrey Findlater
  • Dave Epps
  • Ian McIntyre
  • Jeff Engel
  • Adrian Chrisp
  • Kyle Friesen
  • Joel Henderson
  • Curtis Klippenstein

Estimating Team

Rick and Brian represent the old school and the new. With an increasing diversity of products available, adaptive construction methods, and creative commercial design and architecture, extensive knowledge and adaptability are essential qualities for estimating commercial projects in Edmonton. Brian’s fresh perspective and eagerness to learn compliments Rick’s 40 years of experience as a commercial drywall estimator. Together, they are able to tackle any project and provide the fairest prices so every project will be affordable, done right, and on schedule.

Ryan’s true passion is in sourcing, discovering and incorporating new products, methods, and innovative solutions to enhance construction while maintaining the bottom line. He is very experienced pricing a variety of projects, and enjoys tackling every challenge.

Rick Powers, Senior Estimator
Brian Davies, Junior Estimator & Project Coordinator

Ryan Hanson, Commercial Estimator

Jesse has been a residential estimator at Ideal for almost a decade. He is very experienced with pricing all kinds of residential projects: from schedule-driven multi-family housing to intricate custom-built mansions and estate homes and everything in between. He has a true appreciation for the complexity of custom projects, and is excited by every challenge in Edmonton’s ever-changing housing market. Jesse is committed to providing the best prices without cutting any corners.

Jesse Hanson, Residential Estimator